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Clustering in ServiceMix


  According to ServiceMix wiki, a ServiceMix cluster provides the following

1- Connectivity to other ServiceMix containers forming a network of
containers. Containers can be dynamically added and removed from the

2 -Remote component awareness where each container is aware of its peer
container's components. Networked containers listen for remote component
registration/deregistration events and once aware can route requests to
those components.

3- Load balancing where a cluster provides the ability to balance requests
in a couple of ways including:
    - Installation of the same component on multiple containers to provide
increased capacity and additional HA capabilities. If one container fails
the same component in another container can still service the request.
    - Partition workload among container instances whereby different
containers can handle different tasks and flows can span multiple

  is there another advantaje of Clustering in ServiceMIx?   Does Clustering
in ServiceMIx support clustering of ServiceMix Quartz components?

Thank you in advance.

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