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Guillaume Nodet
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From: Guillaume Nodet <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 16:46
Subject: [REPORT] Apache Servicemix
To: Apache Board <[hidden email]>

Project Status
While we continue to have an active community with good participation from
users on mailing lists, IRC, and issue reporting in Jira, we also have lost
some of our momentum now that major parts of the functionality are being
maintained in related projects like Apache Karaf and Apache Camel.

With the community objectives mentioned below, we want to ensure a new and
better focus for the Apache ServiceMix project.


* Jonathan Anstey has been voted in as a new committer.

Community Objectives

Our current objective is to release ServiceMix 4.4.0: we improved the project
packaging to better meet common use cases and we also optimized our project
structure to allow for more frequent releases of ServiceMix 4.x in the future.
We keep on working on the documentation and website to ensure both new and
existing users are finding their way around the project more easily.

These changes will help us regain the momentum we need to work towards our
second community objective - our next major release, Apache ServiceMix 5.x,
planned for next year, will be where we start adding the necessary additional
features to ensure that the project keeps adding value on top of what Apache
Karaf and Apache Camel are offering.

Branding Status
- Project Naming And Descriptions : Compliant
- Website Navigation Links : Compliant
- Trademark Attributions : Non-compliant, will be compliant in new web site.
- Logos and Graphics : Current logo is not compliant, new logo will be
- Project Metadata : Compliant

- ServiceMix Archetypes 2011.01
- ServiceMix Specs 1.9.0
- A set of 5 OSGi bundles in September
- A set of 11 OSGi bundles in October
- A set of 18 OSGi bundles in December

Guillaume Nodet
Blog: http://gnodet.blogspot.com/
Open Source SOA