Inconsistencies - what is "core"? what is "optional" ?

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Inconsistencies - what is "core"? what is "optional" ?

Peter Smith-2
I am building my own subset of ServiceMix 2.0.2. For now, I am only
interested in building  the "core" classes and a couple of components
I'm actually intending to use - I want to reduce my dependencies on the
other miscellaneous jars as much as possible.

But I'm finding I need lots of  "lib/optional" jars to be able to
compile the supposedly "core" classes (???) It seems like an
inconsistency between what is core & what is optional

Anyway, here are some (maybe) examples of inconsistencies....


#1 XStream is used by some class(es) in the 'core' source directory. Yet
the required XStream JAR is in the lib/optional directory (ie instead
of  lib)

#2 Ditto for Jaxen

#3 StAX is part of core source code so StAX JAR required for build
despite code comments like...
 * Since this class introduces a runtime dependency on StAX
 * which some users may not use/require, this class is separated out
from the core JAXP transformer.

#4 The ('core' source) ClusterFlow requires lib/optional activecluster
JARs to compile

#5 XMLBeansStringXPathExpression ('core' source) seems to need xbean jar
from lib/optional


Perhaps the opposite might also be true - eg JARS in /lib not actually
needed by core classes...