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Dan Lagnöhed XX (KI/EAB)
It seems that the "axis-jaxrpc-1.3.jar" is still missing in the binary distribution.......

From: James Strachan [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: den 9 november 2005 10:40
To: [hidden email]
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Subject: Re: [servicemix-user] ServiceMix 2.0 Released

We've just made a 2.0.1 release to fix the issues of some missing jars in the binary distro...

On 7 Nov 2005, at 20:39, Guillaume Nodet wrote:

The ServiceMix team is proud to annouce the 2.0 Release !

New and Noteworthy
  • Improved JBI support including both interface based routing as well as service based routing together with improved WSDL parsing
  • Support for Publish and Subscribe Routing
  • Improved JAX WS support
  • Migration to XBean as the XML configuration mechanism which works with any Spring release and allows us to mix and match ServiceMix configuration with other XML configuration mechanisms like ActiveMQ and Jencks
  • Migration to backport.util.concurrent to make it easier to move direct to a pure Java 5 solution.
  • a new Loan Broker example from the EIP Patterns Book
  • a new simpler POJO based deployment model
  • build reorganised to make ServiceMix more modular
  • a new ChainedComponent which implements simple pipelines of components easily
  • and number of bug fixes and enhancements...
Enjoy !

Guillaume Nodet
LogicBlaze, Inc. - a Simula Labs Enterprise
[hidden email]

James Strachan
Chief Architect
LogicBlaze, Inc. - a Simula Labs Enterprise