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Re: problem in servicemix lancher

Guillaume Nodet
Thanks, this is now fixed (and I removed the touch phase which is no
longer necessary).

Guillaume Nodet

On 3/22/06, Raffaele Spazzoli <[hidden email]> wrote:

> I'm using the snapshot released dated 18 march in linux
> if the servicemix launcher is launched from the bin directory it creates
> SERVICEMIX_HOME/bin/deploy and SERVICEMIX_HOME/bin/install directories
> but it touches the SERVICEMIX_HOME/deploy and SERVICEMIX_HOME/install.
> Viceversa if the launcher is launched from SERVICEMIX_HOME it uses
> correclty SERVICEMIX_HOME/deploy and SERVICEMIX_HOME/install but the
> touch fails and this sometime leads to errors.
> I would expect the laucher to be launched from bin, anyway to be
> independent from the directory the laucher could do an explicit cd
> SERVICEMIX_HOME. In this situation the touch phase should be:
>     touch install/*.zip
>     touch deploy/*.zip
> bye Raffaele