ServiceMix, transaction and application servers

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ServiceMix, transaction and application servers

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
 Hi all,

 Currently, I use ServiceMix more as a pure mediation layer (exposing
bean using different binding components).

 Now, I would like to go through a new step : create new services
using existing services in ServiceMix.

 But, to do this kind of business process, I need transaction in my
services chain.

 For exemple, I create a service foobar defined like this :

 HTTP SU -> CXF-SE Bean1 (EJB) -> CXF-SE Bean2 (EJB) -> CXF-SE Bean3

 I have transaction in the EJB side. But if my method call fails in
the EJB used remotely by my bean2, I would like to be able to rollback
the transaction in the EJB used by the bean1.
 To do it, I need to add a XA transaction to be able to share Bean
side transaction and EJB side transaction.

 So my question is :
 - is it possible to define XA transaction directly in ServiceMix
(standalone) ?
 - should I need to plug ServiceMix in my application server (using
JCA for exemple) to use the JTA of the application server ?
 - is there any documentation explaining how to plug ServiceMix in an
application server (JBoss, Weblogic or Websphere) ?

 Jean-Baptiste Onofré
 [hidden email]
 BuildProcess/AutoDeploy Project Leader