Url "from" with simple/bean language?

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Url "from" with simple/bean language?

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Dear all.

I've created a route where I want to use a property value for the "from" URl. For a shared configuration I've created a bean that's exposing the properties through getter methods, eg ..

	<bean id="configuration" class="de.ag.cas.sib.configuration.Configuration" />
			<setHeader headerName="sibId">

I want to use a similar approach for a "from" URl like ..

	<bean id="configuration" class="de.ag.cas.sib.configuration.Configuration" />
	<camelContext id="events" xmlns="http://camel.apache.org/schema/blueprint">
		<route id="StoreEvents">
			<from uri="eventadmin://simple('${bean:configuration?method=getSib_event_topic()}')" />

.. but this produces errors while deploying: .. Check the uri if the parameters are spelt correctly and that they are properties of the endpoint. Unknown parameters=[{method=getSib_event_topic()}')}]

Is this approach possible in this particular case and if yes, what is wrong here?

Many thanks for your help in advance.
- Gerald