What's the deal with SMX 5.0.1?

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What's the deal with SMX 5.0.1?

Raúl Kripalani
Hi team!

Could you please provide a quick status quo on what's the deal with Apache
ServiceMix 5.0.1?

Perhaps sending a HEADS-UP email to user@ would be appropriate.

Currently we only have a banner in the release notes page stating
"Warning! Because
of a problem in the 5.0.1 release, we recommend you to use the 5.0.0
release instead".

This is insufficient information and users are confused [1], including me
;-) I was planning a migration to 5.0.1 soon... Shall I wait for 5.0.2 or
5.1.0? What do these releases depend on?

Otherwise, are there any caveats with SMX 5.0.0?



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