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install activemq broker

Hi, good morning;

I'm trying to install de activemq broker on my servicemix first I try

karaf@root>feature:repo-add activemq
Adding feature url mvn:org.apache.activemq/activemq-karaf/LATEST/xml/features


karaf@root>feature:install activemq-broker

And it goes the following error:
Error executing command: Can't install feature activemq-broker/0.0.0:
Could not create bundle object.

Here are my version into servicemix
karaf@root>bundle:list|grep activemq
122 | Active    |  50 | 5.12.3                             | activemq-osgi

123 | Active    |  50 | 5.12.3                             | activemq-karaf

157 | Active    |  50 | 5.12.3                             | activemq-camel

thanks in advance.
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Re: install activemq broker

Your SMX already consist of Activemq. Please read OSGi components list of SMX