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[servicemix-user] Antwort: [servicemix-user] ServiceMix1.1 Build fails


Ok, just tried to change the jar version to 2.0.
Now I get a build error:

taskdef class org.xbean.spring.task.SchemaGenerateTask cannot be found

Does anybody know where I can download the old jar (
Or how I get the new one to work?


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                      04.11.2005 12:31         Thema:   [servicemix-user] ServiceMix1.1 Build fails                                  
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when building ServiceMix I get the following error:

The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied dependency:
xbean-spring-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar (try downloading from http://www.gbean.org)

It seems that the jar doesn't exist anymore (it is now

- where is the download of this jar specified?
- can I use the current version of the jar?
- where do I have to copy it after downloading it manually

Thanks for your help!